Selasa, 14 Januari 2014

Announcement for those who's NOT Indonesian Reader - MUST Read

I realize there are many persons who's not Indonesian visit my blog to search for KagePro novel.

For those people, rather than using bad Google translation(which made me cry with it inaccurateness-is that even a word?) , it's better if you guys go to the true English Translation of the novel.

Because if you didn't notice, I translated those novel from ENGLISH to Indonesian, not JAPANESE (because Japan is so hard and apparently I don't have anyone to teach it for me for FREE), I usually put credit at the beginning of chapter for the ENGLISH translator.

Just in case you guys READ this, I'll give you the link as to where I took ENGLISH translation for Children Reason and Missing Children. Ah, btw I took them from tumblr.

Diagonal6010 <---this girl translated the novel Children Reason from Chinese, yeees from CHINESE. She took the translation from Baidu. Might not have the best grammar in the world, but, hey, better than nothing right? At least she's better than Google Translation.

Renna  <---this girl is an experienced translator and she learn Japan for REAL (Not like me who learn Japan for fun). She already translated many novels, not only KagePro, she's also translated ShuuenPro novels. You can find Missing Children and also A Headphone Actor at this girl tumblr.

That's all I want to say. Thank you for reading this announcement. Sorry if there any bad word and sorry if my grammar is shitty. I'm glad you took your time to visit my blog~

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